Why buying REGOs helps promote your sustainability credentials

The recent surge in the price of REGOs has prompted the question “Are REGOs still worth buying?”

Some organisations have been asking whether the fact that the UK fuel mix is growing ever-more renewable is enough to make sustainability claims – without the expense of buying REGOs. There’s a school of thought that suggests they’ll automatically be using a higher percentage of renewable power, whatever contract they’re on. And that this should enable them to report lower Scope 2 emissions without needing the proof REGOs provide.

The truth, however, is that corporates and consumers are increasingly expecting their suppliers to evidence sustainability credentials. And asking whether suppliers source renewable energy – one of the simplest steps an organisation can take – is often the first question they’ll pose.

Assessing the alternatives

REGOs offer decarbonisation accessibility for organisations of all sizes. However, if businesses decide not to invest in them, what could they do with the savings? And would these alternatives enable them to make sustainability claims in the same way that buying REGOs would?

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