Take control of utility expenditure and potentially recover significant amount of money. Many businesses and organisations from different sectors have recovered thousands of pounds through this process.

Billing issues faced by businesses

Businesses don’t always process and pay bills as efficiently as they could.

Suppliers can make billing errors and as a result, some multi site customers have spent extended periods of time resolving billing issues, leading to a loss of confidence in their suppliers.

Validating and paying invoices can be a full time job for businesses.

Due to this, many customers pay invoices by cash/cheque keeping control of their cash flow. This results in a higher unit price as well as late payment charges.

How can CES help?

We offer electronic bill processing validation which delivers a number of major advantages over manual paper bill entry:

  • Automatic validation to detect billing errors
  • Elimination of manual data keying errors
  • Control of the payments issued
  • Automatic ‘place on hold’ for the invoices that are not accurate
  • Resolution of billing errors
  • Saving in-house staff time and costs
  • Automatic distribution of data to Energy Management and Finance Systems
  • Highlights errors in tariffs which can lead to further savings
  • Energy Management Reports which identifies savings available

How does it work?

  • Electronically validates bills against a rigorous set of criteria to ensure that any errors are highlighted prior to payments
  • It automatically validates withdrawn/ amended bills and allows splitting of bills that contain brought forward balances or multiple months of invoice data
  • Produces accurate Energy Management reports that lead to consumption reduction
  • Identifies retrospective errors resulting in refunds

Benefits To The Customer

  • Saves businesses time and money on administration.
  • Peace of mind – only validated Invoices are paid.
  • No overcharged bills are released for payment.
  • Better understanding where energy is being used.
  • Identify Waste through Monitoring and Targeting.
  • Share of Savings with retrospective billing analysis.


To enquire about the cost, please call us on 0203 157 1020.