Water services

Any reduction in your utilities expenditure as a whole will have a positive affect on your profitability; whilst we hope that you are already undertaking measures to stem the tide of your energy budgets, now is also the time to address the issues surrounding your water charges.

The analysis of water/waste water charges and the implementation of cost savings recommendations require specialist knowledge of the 20+ UK charging schemes, understanding of industry legislation, awareness of precedent and cultivation of successful Supplier and Regulator contacts.

It is fair to say that most businesses have neither the time nor the expertise to tackle this task.

Effective water management can save you significant sums of money.

We can arrange a free historical water bill audit to check if you are charged correctly. This could result in savings and even a rebate for undue charges over the last six years.

If necessary, the site survey will be carried out to determine if there are any leaks and if the correct water meter is installed.

We don’t charge our clients for the bill auditing or a site surveys as we work on percentage of saving/rebate basis.

How to check for a water leak

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Water saving tips

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