Validating and paying invoices can be a full time job for businesses.

Suppliers can make billing errors and as a result, some multi-site customers have spent extended periods of time resolving billing issues, leading to a loss of confidence in their suppliers.

We offer manual and electronic bill processing validation which delivers detection of billing errors. It offers automatic ‘place on hold’ and supplier dispute resolution for the invoices that are inaccurate. It highlights errors in tariffs which can lead to further savings. Most importantly, this gives our customers control of the payments issued.

Utility bills are validated against a rigorous set of criteria to ensure that any errors are highlighted prior to payments. This eliminates overpayments and produces accurate energy management reports that lead to consumption reduction and identifies retrospective errors resulting in refunds. This benefits the customer by saving businesses time and money on administration, and gives the customer better understanding of where energy is being used. It offers the customer peace of mind as only validated invoices are paid and no overcharged bills are released for payment.