‘UK solar panels preferred over wind farms locally’

More people are content with the prospect of solar panel farms in their local areas compared to onshore wind farms, according to a new government survey.

Britons express greater satisfaction with the idea of a solar panel farm being built locally.

The latest findings from the government’s Public Attitudes Tracker shed light on how people feel about renewable energy infrastructure in their local communities.

In the spring of 2023, respondents were asked about their level of happiness regarding the construction of onshore wind farms and solar panel farms in their vicinity.

Approximately 54% of those surveyed indicated that they would be content with the construction of a solar panel farm in their area.

In contrast, 43% expressed happiness about an onshore wind farm being established nearby.

Notably, just more than a quarter of respondents stated that they had no strong preference for either option, with 28% expressing neutrality toward both wind farms and solar panel farms.

According to the report, these figures remained relatively stable compared to the survey conducted in Spring 2022.


Image: Joe Dunckley / Shutterstock