Energy suppliers to follow new smart meter code of practice

The UK Government plans to implement a new consumer-facing Code of Practice for smart metering.

The UK Government has announced plans to introduce a new consumer-facing Code of Practice for smart metering, aimed at enhancing consumer protections and improving service quality.

The government expects all energy suppliers to commit to and comply with the new Code once it is developed, aiming to provide consumers with greater confidence and satisfaction in their smart metering services.

The proposed Code of Practice is intended to promote industry-wide adoption of best practices, establishing clear expectations and ensuring a proactive and consistently positive consumer experience with smart metering.

This includes improved post-installation support and quicker resolution of any consumer issues with their smart metering systems.

Smart meters, which allow households across Britain to better manage their energy use, have been shown to save families around £40 annually on energy bills.

They also enable access to cheaper energy tariffs, potentially offering additional savings of up to £900 per year for those who charge electric vehicles during off-peak hours.

Moreover, smart meters in pre-payment mode can be conveniently topped up from home, and users can easily monitor their energy balance.

Image: Shutterstock