Call for fair representation in energy broker industry

New trade association, the Energy Consultants Association, is advocating for better representation of energy brokers and consultants.

A newly formed trade association, the Energy Consultants Association (ECA), is pushing for equitable representation for energy brokers and consultants, aiming to provide support to UK businesses seeking to lower energy costs while ensuring fair treatment from providers.

This comes as industry proposals for increased regulation and concerns over energy claims gain momentum.

The Retail Energy Code Company has proposed mandatory adoption of the TPI Code of Practice for all brokers and consultants, initially introduced on a voluntary basis in October 2023.

Since its establishment in 2022, the ECA has seen significant membership growth, positioning itself to advocate for its members and influence regulatory bodies and suppliers.

Chris Shaw, Chair of the Energy Consultants Association said: “As a key stakeholder in the market, it is important that energy brokers and consultants are listened to in helping shape the proposed regulation so that the costs don’t outweigh the benefits.

“Whilst we have provided significant input to the requests for feedback, there are still many parts of the code that we feel need revising before it is made mandatory.

“We will continue to represent the best interests of our members to try and get to a better place for all involved.”

Image: STUDIOMAX / Shutterstock