UK’s green U-turn could cost renters £1bn in energy bills

Experts have warned that the lack of clear regulatory guidance is discouraging most landlords from investing in energy efficiency upgrades.

Certain policy shifts unveiled by the Prime Minister yesterday could result in renters collectively facing an additional £1 billion in energy expenses.

The ongoing gas crisis has shed light on the importance of a well-insulated home, even with an efficient gas boiler.

In cases where the building’s fabric cannot effectively retain heat, energy bills can remain high.

This issue is particularly pressing for renters who rely on their landlords to maintain their living spaces.

According to the Social Market Foundation’s research, a significant portion of landlords appear to be in a state of indecision, reluctant to undertake energy efficiency enhancements without a clear understanding of the regulatory framework.

The think tank said the recent announcement regarding the withdrawal of support for insulation costs is likely to exacerbate this reluctance, ultimately placing the financial burden on renters to cover the costs.

Image: patpitchaya / Shutterstock