UK energy consumption falls as renewables dip

Government data shows that UK energy consumption dropped 4.0% in June to August 2023, indigenous energy production fell 7.6% and renewables in electricity generation declined by 4%.

Primary energy consumption in the UK, when assessed on a fuel input basis, exhibited a 4% reduction during the three-month period spanning June to August 2023 in comparison to the corresponding period in the previous year.

That’s according to a new government report, which suggests this decline was notably influenced by escalating energy costs and other economic factors.

Even when the figures were adjusted to account for temperature variations, the consumption levels saw an identical 4% decrease.

During the same period, indigenous energy production in the UK experienced a 7.6% decline.

This reduction was widespread across various energy sources, except for bioenergy, waste and offshore wind.

The electricity generation activities of major power producers in the UK underwent a substantial decrease of 19%.

This decline was primarily driven by a 48% reduction in coal-based electricity generation, a 33% drop in natural gas-based generation and a 14% decrease in nuclear-based generation.

Renewable electricity generation also registered a decline, albeit a modest one at 4%.

Image: Richard Whitcombe / Shutterstock