Small businesses seek government backing for green growth

Nearly 80% of business owners aim to cut emissions, but lack of support – especially financial – is hindering progress, according to a new report.

Small businesses call for the next government to take a leading role in promoting sustainable practices among small enterprises.

According to a report by Small Business Britain these businesses, which collectively contribute nearly half of the UK’s business emissions, express a strong desire to reduce their environmental footprint.

However, many cite inadequate support as a major barrier, with financial constraints highlighted as particularly challenging.

The report, conducted in collaboration with BT and based on a survey of over 2,000 business owners, underscores that 80% of respondents are committed to lowering their emissions.

Despite this willingness, less than 2% of them feel equipped with sufficient resources for sustainability efforts.

Nearly 65% of them express a need for greater governmental support to facilitate their transition towards sustainability.

Interestingly, only 10% of small businesses base their sustainability decisions primarily on government policies aimed at achieving net zero emissions by 2050.

Instead, personal values, customer expectations and supply chain demands are cited as more influential factors.

Moreover, nearly 27% of respondents indicate that current government net zero commitments have no discernible impact on their sustainability strategies.

Michelle Ovens, Founder of Small Business Britain, said: “There is a clear opportunity for the next government to take the lead in driving a positive shift towards greener growth – through greater clarity, connection, and engagement with small businesses.

“Not only can small firms make a major impact on reducing emissions, but entrepreneurs have a hugely exciting role to play in driving sustainable innovations.”