Nearly 62% of UK businesses unaware of energy efficiency support schemes

A survey of 503 UK businesses shows that 62% are unaware of government energy efficiency supports, with 47% deterred by cost concerns from investing in green upgrades.

A recent survey conducted by IPSOS has revealed insights into the attitudes of 503 UK businesses towards sustainability and energy efficiency.

The findings indicate that while over one-third of businesses prioritise these aspects in their budgets, others are deterred by concerns over costs and lack of information.

The survey highlights that almost 62% of businesses are unaware of government support for energy efficiency upgrades.

Despite this, nearly 41% of businesses believe retrofitting buildings can be beneficial.

Additionally, approximately 48% consider sustainability important to their customers, with larger businesses showing a higher level of interest.

Cost concerns emerged as a significant barrier, with 47% of businesses indicating that they are deterred from investing in green upgrades due to financial constraints.

Despite this, workplace recycling and reducing consumption are among the most common sustainability practices adopted by businesses.

Nikki Flanders, Managing Director of SSE Energy Customer Solutions, GB and Ireland, said: “It’s clear that industry and government need to do more to enable businesses to engage in net zero.

“There are over five million micro-businesses in the UK employing less than ten workers; decarbonising the UK economy requires more than a one-size-fits-all approach and must recognise what different business cohorts need to make progress.

“Cost is an understandable concern for small business owners but a good starting point is to reduce energy consumption and emissions, often requiring simple and minimal changes, starting with information about energy consumption.

Smart meters are excellent tools for helping businesses to understand their consumption and where efficiencies might be found. We need to do more to spread that message and information through the business community and challenge any misconceptions that every action to reduce emissions is costly.”