Nearly 20k respond to Ofgem’s standing charges consultation

The energy regulator aims to address customer concerns about fixed daily fees and explore potential changes to the system.

The energy regulator Ofgem has received a significant response to its call for views on standing charges, reflecting customer frustration over the fixed daily fee.

Ofgem reported that 20,000 people have participated in the consultation, which closes later this Friday.

Energy customers currently pay a fixed daily charge covering supply connection costs. However, discontent has grown over rising fees and customers’ inability to reduce payments.

Charges vary by location, with most areas experiencing a doubled charge over the last two years.

A standard household incurs a daily charge of 53p for electricity and 30p for gas, contributing £300 to the annual total bill.

These charges, capped by the regulator, also contribute to covering other costs, such as dealing with supplier failures.

Ofgem urged billpayers, charities and businesses to provide their perspectives, resulting in a response.

An Ofgem spokesman said: “We know that with wider cost of living pressures, people are concerned about their bills so we will now use these responses to inform how we approach this complex issue. and set out the next steps in due course.”

Image: STUDIOMAX / Shutterstock