Energy suppliers under fire for poor customer service

Which? research reveals customer dissatisfaction with energy providers due to short opening hours, long wait times and difficulties obtaining assistance.

A recent investigation by consumer advocate group Which? has revealed the challenges energy customers face when seeking support.

Issues like short operating hours, long wait times, and difficulties getting help have become common complaints.

The study surveyed over 9,000 customers to evaluate the service practices of 16 suppliers and 18 energy firms.

It found frustration among customers due to limited operating hours, with some experiencing reduced accessibility.

The investigation revealed disparities in the availability of customer service channels during weekdays and weekends.

While a few firms maintained phone lines open for ten hours or more on weekdays, the accessibility of live chat services outside of these hours was limited.

Similarly, variations were observed in weekend operating hours, with some companies offering full-day support on both Saturday and Sunday, while others provided only limited availability.

Image: STUDIOMAX / Shutterstock