Charities and community groups can access £3m Ofgem funds

Charities and community groups across England, Scotland and Wales are invited to bid for £3 million in funding from the Ofgem Energy Redress Scheme’s fifth funding round.

Ofgem Energy Redress Scheme has opened its fifth funding round, making £3 million available for charities and community organisations.

The scheme aims to provide financial support to initiatives focusing on aiding vulnerable households, fostering innovation in the energy sector and reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

Applications are now open and eligible organisations have until August 22, 2023, to apply for grants.

The Ofgem Energy Redress Scheme has already supported more than 470 projects since February 2018, with a total award of £81 million in funding.

This latest funding round is expected to contribute to various projects that promote energy efficiency, provide impartial energy advice to vulnerable individuals, engage communities on energy-related issues and conduct research on accommodating the needs of elderly and disabled people through advanced energy technologies.

Image: Nenad Cavoski / Shutterstock