Centrica unveils plan to slash energy usage

Centrica has partnered with The Pirbright Institute to implement an on-site technology plan aimed at reducing net energy use by over 10% by 2026.

Centrica Business Solutions has partnered with The Pirbright Institute to implement sustainable on-site technology, aiming to reduce its net energy use by over 10% by 2026.

The installation of a Combined Heat and Power Plant (CHP) by Centrica is predicted to supply around 75% of Pirbright’s future power needs.

This CHP utilises natural gas for generating electricity and hot water, with exhaust gases feeding into a heat recovery generator, providing steam.

This technology is more than twice as efficient as conventional power sources, reducing reliance on the grid, the company said.

The Pirbright Institute, focused on infectious diseases in farm animals, has initiated an energy plan incorporating energy saving upgrades, closure of energy inefficient buildings, efficient lighting, and a staff awareness programme.

By 2025/2026, they aim to decrease net energy consumption by 12.5%, saving nearly £700,000 annually.

The Pirbright Institute (Image: Centrica Business Solutions)